What is the difference between blinds and shades?

You have probably already used these two types of pieces in the windows of your house, but would you know how to tell us the differences between shades and blinds? The two pieces have practically the same function, but they differ in important aspects. These are exactly what contribute to your purchase decision.

To get better lit and decorated environments, we’ll show you some differences between shades and blinds! Check it out!

The manufacture of the two pieces is one of the main differences between shades and blinds. Shades are made from fabrics and can be combined with overlays or decorative items. The blinds use aluminum, wood, plastic or any other material of a more rustic origin. This detail makes all the difference when decorating your space.

The ability to block the excessive brightness of an environment is one of the biggest and best differences between shades and blinds. The first type – mainly with the blackout models – allows a much greater control of the brightness of your space. Blinds are even well used in bedrooms, but shades with light block are much more suitable.

It is important to say that if you don’t want to use a blackout shade – especially if your environment has little ventilation, because this fabric blocks more the wind that enters your window – blinds are the best options. However, it is necessary to choose a firmer material and a model without gaps so that the luminosity is controlled.

Now that you know some differences, can you decide between one product or another? Tell us in the comments!

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